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Client  / ISIA University

Year  /  2009

Company  /   personal project with Rolando Gambini

Final degree project.

Study and design of a concept car for 2039, in collaboration with Rolando Gambini, a colleague.

We have created a vehicle which we have called WHY as it embodies the concepts we have evolved: Web and HYdrogen.

The project was developed in two parts: research and development.

The research occupied a highly important part of the project, and involved an initial analysis of the automotive field, past, present and new concept cars. The focus then shifted to the technology both that currently in use and that which will supposedly be part of the automotive world in the near future.

The analysis of existing propulsion systems (thermal and electrical) led to the development of a hydrogen-powered vehicle which would meet environmental requirements. The use of hydrogen involves the adoption of the “skateboard” (General Motors), which contains all the mechanics, thus leaving more space for users.

The guidance system while still assigned to the driver relies, in fact, on a network system, to facilitate the exchange of information, to enable safer driving and to totally eliminate the visual pollution (road signs, traffic light etc.) that currently resides on the roads (a concept elaborated in the development of Pininfarina ). 

The “skateboard” concept means that the cockpit, with large surface glass allows a perfect view outside. 

Photocells placed on the roof supply energy to the internal instrumentation (technology developed by Nissan). The shape is based on the molecular structure of hydrogen.

photo credit: Moreno Vannini

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